About us


Shoe factory DARIS was established in 1995 in a small industrial, Bulgarian town called Kyustendil. Its activity strikes at the Bulgarian market as the ambition is to grow and spread throughout whole Europe. During this, more than 25 years of experience the brand has prooven to produce high quality products with contemporary and modern touch, broken through the lense of the latest fashion trends. Since the beginning we have been using Italian, Ukrainian and Turkish materials for creating our designs. We have a team of 6 people who are responsible for the disign, development and modeling of the shoes. Our company in total consist of 65 employees most of whom are professionals in their working sphere. Throughout the years we have been working with many custommers both, retail and wholesale and we have exported our products to countries like United States of America, Italy, Germany, Taiwan and others.


The brand is proud to announce that it is one of the most stable Bulgarian shoe brands as it owns 6 directly operated stores in the biggest cities as well as a precise website. We started participating in different fairs in Italy, in order to begin constructing our European network of wholesale custommers.